A less than conventional life...

I had a beautiful pink prom dress, but an awkward and dissatisfying prom.  I didn't send out multiple college applications, waiting excitedly for the thick envelopes in the mail.  I won a scholarship but dropped out of university after one term.  I never lived in residence, attending dorm parties and eating in the cafeteria; I chose instead to live in a heritage walk-up garret in East Vancouver.  

I traveled to romantic Paris - alone. 
I learned to sail - with strangers. 

I never learned how to cook properly.  
I never had a dog or a white picket fence.

I dated men who were much older than me, then much younger....
  I married one of them, but without a proposal or an engagement ring.  Even as a teenager I couldn't picture myself in a traditional wedding, so I had a Halloween wedding.  We didn’t have a honeymoon.  

I no longer own a house and I don't have a retirement plan.  

I grew up in a traditional, conservative family.  Somehow, over 30 years of adulthood, my life unravelled in it's own way.

And after all that time, it's all OK.  I have another 30 years to decide how to be when I grow up.

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