Drive, she said...

There is something awesome about a road trip.  Solo, with kids, with friends, with someone special, even with the cat (but that's another story).

Try saying those two little words out loud, right now.   Road. Trip.
Made you smile, didn't it.
Made your eyes widen.

There's a feeling of pure bliss that sneaks up on me and fills me with awe - the scenery brightens, the sky is endless, the music becomes meaningful - this only happens when I'm behind the wheel.  I don't know why I only get it when driving.  I am giddy.  I am moving forward and everything is perfect and peaceful.

Road trip. 

An unscripted, spontaneous, magical adventure, no matter how old you are or feel.  A night, a weekend, a month away - it doesn't matter.  Plan one today, and just go.

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