New nostalgia...

A friend my age posted a link to an article about how growing up in the '70's was better than now - more real, more tangible, less electronically connected.

Link to article: 20 signs childhood as we know it is gone for good

I responded:

"Today is different, not necessarily worse. We eat cookie dough at least once a week, we go to Saturday afternoon movies and eat popcorn smothered in butter, we play board games, the kids ride their bikes until dark or jump on the trampoline (hey, I never had a trampoline!)  It's me that's changed, I'm the one getting busted by my kids for texting at the playground instead of playing lava ground on the rocks."

I went for a long walk around my neighbourhood last night, looking at the old houses with new cars parked in front, the televisions glowing in the windows, the tiny little urban yards.  As I was nearing home, I passed a house and heard children and adults laughing, doors open between the warm evening air and the private indoor space... and the unmistakable sound of another trampoline, tucked behind the tidy front hedge but right there in the little front yard of the house.

Life, seen through our kids' eyes, contains no nostalgia.  Now is all that exists.  To blend all that we had with all that we now have without putting a higher value on either leaves me in pretty good standing with the kids (and the big "kids" - everybody loves a trampoline).  

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