It just takes one step to get out the door...

Ideally, my comfort zone would be clearly outlined with white chalk marks, dashed and orderly, so that I would immediately recognize when I was in the zone, or out of the zone.

A zone is "an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose or use" according to the dictionary.  As each year goes by my comfort zone attributes shift, and the white chalk line gets blurred and erased. Some changes are subtle, as if a minor tremor disrupted the topsoil; some are much more pronounced, like a greedy developer has torn down my old familiar house and put up edgy condos.

I never planned to go skydiving...
 I am afraid of heights, cliffs, ladders, Ferris wheels and high-rise balconies that only have clear plexiglass walls.  It would have taken a major earthquake hitting my comfort zone to get me up there and out the door of a small plane to fall to a certain death.

But, one day in September, I was up there (albeit strapped to an instructor) looking out the door, with a sunset on one side and a full moon on the other.  I found out that I wasn't afraid - it was just ONE step to get out that door.  It turned out to be one of the most minor steps I would take this past year out of my comfort zone.  That amazing jump allowed me to face the huge changes I was dealing with in my life, in all areas including parenting, relationships and work.

If I could jump out of a plane, something I was never, ever going to do, where else could I step beyond my established boundaries?  I now know that each tiny tremor makes way for a bigger seismic shift; small steps in a new direction lead up to larger leaps; and a redesigned landscape can reveal new paths to take.

Just jump.

(thanks Kijo for the photo)

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